Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday in Latvia

Today started with thunderstorms and rain but soon the sun was shining and a cold front had pushed through. We went for a walk but it was a bit nippy and clounds were forming again. So we headed back to the apartment.

We did get to go through the open air market and I found a special pan for making pelmeni. I will have to go back later this week and get it. It was only $5.00.

Spending time with Jana has been wonderful. Brad has been busy learning lots of new stuff on the Discovery channel. Even though it is in Russian it is quite entertaining to him. He watches this while Jana and I work on math and science.

Latvia is such a beautiful place and so interesting with people from many different countries.60% of the people are Latvian, 30% Russian and the other 10 from different places. The cobblestone streets are interesting and the old architechture is beautiful to look at.

Jana has been busy chatting with friends on latvia equivilant to facebook. She has two girls who are friends being adopted also and coming home to Atlanta in September.

I have recevied posts from people I don't know but know Jana from previous trips who have been praying for her for so long and their prayers as well as ours are being answered. I stand in awe how God has been putting everything in place long before I even knew her name. God is an awesome God!!

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