Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday - August 24

Today was a good day and beautiful also. We met with the social worker from the orphan court for about 25 minutes. She asked questions about what we plan to do, where Jana will go to school, how are we bonding, do we want to be a family (duh), etc. She was very nice and spoke a little English also. She showed us on the map how to get to a book store.

We went for a walk around Riga. We found the bookstore easily and 2 more also. They had books in Latvian and English. I actually bought a Russian culinary book in English. We bought Jana a book in English to read and a book in Latvian.

Next stop was McDonald's -yep you read right Brad had to have his McDonald's fix. The cashier spoke English so that was easy.

After McDonald's we walked to the theater. They have many good American movies. We will probably go see one sometime this week.

We really like Riga a lot. Many people speak English and are friendly. There are many interesting shops. It is easy to find your way around. The streets have old cobblestones in many areas. We also walked through a beautiful park on our walk.

We spent part of the day doing math and science and Jana says :ugggg: as I type. But hopefully she will feel like she is not behind when she gets there. She already knows most of the math. She has never done the scientific method things we were studying but she picked up on it very quick.

We probably won't hear about Izabella until next week. Our lawyer is spending the next few days with the New Horizons for Children team as they interview new children for the program. We saw a cute boy who lives across from Jana but his foster mom does not want him to go to America and he doesn't want to go. He looks like he could be a sibling for another child that was already adopted.

Well it is after 7 here and we are winding down.

Thank you for your prayers for our friend Patty she is improving but she is still very sick so please continue to pray for God's healing touch on her body and peace for her family.

God bless you all

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  1. I am so happy for you guys. This process has definitely been God ordained. It's nothing short of a miracle. Say hello to Jana.