Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Approved by Orphan Court

Hallelujah!! Praise be to God!!

Today we went to orphan court and we were approved by orphan court to adopt and also to bring Jana home. It was very quick and easy - less than one hour :)

Now we will go to visa appointment on Thursday and pick up the visa on Friday and head home Saturday. Then we send all documents to USCIS immigration to approve and then that approval gets sent back to Latvia and Riga court is scheduled. This visit is short and then after required waiting period we will return for medical exam, passport and visa appointments.

We are so thankful to God for making all this possible. God is amazing and we stand in awe at his presence and power!


  1. We are awaiting our I-800 approval right now too... hoping to go back to Latvia for court in October and make the final trip before the end of the year.
    Would be cool if we ended up in Latvia at the same time!
    The Sullivans

  2. When was first trip? HOw long have you been waiting?

  3. Just returned from our first trip Aug 9th. I-800 normally takes 4-6 weeks (we submitted around Aug 25th)... hoping for a quick turnaround.