Monday, August 23, 2010

First Court Day

We went to court this morning and it was so easy. Our wonderful adoption social worker, Kelley, told us it would be realtively easy but I guess we couldn't beleive it until we went through it. They gave us permission to pick up Jana and keep her with us.

It was a hard day for Jana as well as a good day. We all left the foster family with tear stained faces. They love her very much and she has been with them for 5 years. It was a very emotional day.

We had dinner at a nice little restuarant on our way back to Riga. Tomorrow we will be visited by the orphan court as they check to see that Jana is okay.

Tomorrow Daina our lawyer has a meeting with the orphan director to check on Izabella's status so we will hopefully know more before we leave.

Thank you for all your prayers.


  1. You've never met us, but we know Jana and we are part of an army of people that have been praying for that girl for months now. She has been on our church prayer list (we live in Peachtree City, GA) all that time. She has been in the prayers of many who have shared her situation by e-mail and text and every other way imaginable since our friends Kevin and Cindy Tuttle starting asking for prayers for Jana.

    At one point, it didn't look like things were going to work out for Jana to be adopted... we had been around her briefly (we have hosted through NHFC too) and knew what a wonderful girl she is... we were SOOOO disappointed.

    Just a few weeks ago, while we were in Latvia ICW the adoption of our daughter, Taylor, we asked Daina about Jana. To our joy and suprise, we learned that Jana is being adopted!!!

    I just got a link to your blog tonight... I had tears in my eyes as I read it and realized what God has done. If you only knew the stories and the ripple effect of Jana's life in the lives of others.

    May God bless you and your growing family... have a great time in Latvia... it is a beautiful place that we have fallen in love with. We are encouraging Taylor to remember that even though she will soon be an American... she will always be Latvian.

    Blessings, Don and Dawn Sullivan

  2. THank you for posting. It is so amazing to know that God was preparing the way long before we even knew Jana. Prayers that were being lifted up for her were heard and God planted that desire in our hearts to adopt again. We stand in awe at God's love for us and for Jana.