Sunday, February 20, 2011

We have arrived :)

Well i just have to say it is sooooooooooooo cold here. Going from 70 in Atlanta to -6 here in Latvia is a little bit of a shock to my system.

We had quite a few delays due to high winds in New York and deicing in Prague but we still made each flight with plenty of time. It was a smooth process expect the bumpy ride to NY. Kostya broke out in a cold sweat and got really nauseous but he survived.

We headed out to find a store and ate some pizza. By the time we returned our ear, toes, and fingers were frozen.

We are so glad to be here finishing the last step in this speedy adoption. We praise God for his provision and making a way for this to happen. Jana misses home where it is warm. Kostya is enjoying TV in Russian.

Tomorrow we are off to the medical appointment. Pray everything goes smoothly.

God bless you all and thank you for your continued prayers.


  1. Congratulations Paula!! I am so glad that you are on your final trip to bring Jana home!! How long will you have to stay in Latvia for the final trip? We are waiting for our court date for our final trip to bring our two kids home from Estonia. Our final trip should take about 10 business days. I wish you smooth journey and warm thoughts. We were in Estonia beginning of February and it was not too bad. They did tell us that a cold spell was coming. I hope the cold weather is short lived!! ;-)
    Best Wishes,

  2. I saw some of the pictures from Estonia and it looked like you had a great time. The final trip in Latvia is a week. We left Saturday and arrived on Sunday and we return Friday. The cold hasnt bothered us to bad because the apartment is cozy. We will be praying for smooth travels on your final trip.
    God bless, Paula