Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 1 in Latvia

It was so cold today but we enjoyed walking out in it for short periods of time.

We had the embassy doctors visit today and everything went smoothly. We then headed to the passport office to apply for Jana's Latvian passport in her new name :)

We did a lot of walking and stopped by several different malls to get out of the cold. Found some good deals on boots. We ate at the small Lido restaurant but we are looking forward to going to the big Lido maybe Wednesday night. Kostya is enjoying the food and wants to get Russian food next time we go to Lido. Jana and Koy both like the Russian tv channels.

Tomorrow we will pick up Jana's passport and that is all we have to do so we have to whole day to sight see. We are headed to Old Town.

We are so thankful of the blessings God has given us through this adoption process and I look forward to bringing Jana home permanently as a Benton :)

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