Friday, February 18, 2011

Off We Go!!

Well we are about packed and ready to head for Latvia in the morning. The last few weeks have been very difficult. I know that Satan was trying his hardest to make life difficult. Each of us has been struggling with health issues. However, God is bigger than all that and despite our struggles we are so excited about making our final trip to Latvia.

The final trip is for the embassy medical exam and getting visa and passport in Jana's new name. She will travel home as a Benton :) which of course she has been a Benton since day 1.

Please continue to pray for our travels and that our health will improve so that the trip is enjoyable.

God has made so many miracles happen to allow Jana to become a part of our family and we stand in awe of His love for us.

May God bless each one of you - stay tuned for updates from Latvia.

God bless, Paula

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