Thursday, September 2, 2010

Visa Appointment Done :)

Today we went to the Embassy and Jana had her visa appointment. All went well and we will pick up her passport tomorrow.

On the way home from the embassy we passed a donut shop which we had never seen before and so as soon as we returned to our hotel we journeyed to find donuts :) They were really good too. I had Boston creme and Jana had chocolate with cocoa krispies on top and Brad had chocolate covered with peanuts and we all had a hot drink.

The Hare Krishner's were out in large number today dancing and chanting down the streets. They attract much attention. How sad.

Tonight and tomorrow are suppose to be very stormy and windy so we may be couped up a bit.

Our friend Patty will likely come home from the hospital tomorrow. We thank you all for your prayers. God heard and it was his will to restore her health. Thank you God!!

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