Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year :)

What a roller coaster year 2010 was. We lost Brad's dad and my grandad this past year but God also blessed us with our new daughter Jana. We are truly so grateful for all the many blessings God has poured out on our family.

As I reflect on the new year coming I wonder what great things GOd has in store for our family. Sometimes I fear where he might take us or what he might ask us to do but my experience has shown that when we are obedient the blessings are immeasurable. I know this that God continues to place the plight of orphans on my heart and I wait in anticipation for how God is going to use us to accomplish his instructions of taking care of orphans and widows.

People often comment on how expensive adoption is and of course it is not cheap. Ours would not be possible without our many friends and family partnering with us to make it happen along with Lifesong for Orphans and Promise 686. However, I wonder why we in America don't think twice about dropping $35,000 for a new car or truck that we will wear out and discard so quickly but we think the same amount to save a child is too much to pay?

I pray that each of you that read this blog will contemplate how God is calling you to take care of orphans and widows. Even if you don't feel led to bring one in your home you can help make it possible for others or take care of those who cannot be adopted. Start your new year by making a committment to help - check out the following organizations - - SERV has an orphanage in Lodwar, Kenya, New Horizons for Children, Lifesong for Orphans , Promise 686

May God bless you this new year. Thank you for your continued prayers as we wait to complete our adoption of Jana. Please also pray for all the hosting families and hosted children that God will give each direction regarding adoption.

God bless, Paula


  1. Paula,
    Happy New Year to you too! We completed Taylor's adoption (also from Latvia) in December... nice to have it all done.
    I agree with your sentiments regarding the cost of adoption. First of all, it's all God's money... so if someone is feeling His calling to adopt, the financial part of it shouldn't really be the issue.
    Also, the Federal tax credit for adoption is now over $13K (per child)... there is also a Georgia adoption grant (up to $1500... applied for through your county's DFACS office)... they say it's a special needs grant, but the definition is VERY broad).
    There are also numerous programs through which you can adoption grants and loans... all of this dramatically cuts the cost of adoption. Some adoptions can end up at little to no cost. The bottom line is "what God ordains, God sustains"!
    Also, if you are not aware, Project 173 in Savannah is a wonderful organization that advocates for older orphans, provides grants to families seeking adoption and has a small Latvia hosting program. The cost to adopt a child hosted through P143 is quite a bit lower and they don't require a "mandatory donation" if you adopt a child you hosted through them.
    Don Sullivan

  2. Sorry for the typo... it's Project 143 (not 173).

  3. That is wonderful that you adopted an older child from Lativa. Love to hear more on how your daughter and sons are getting along and how school is going, etc. We too are adopting (again) two older siblings from Estonia (a girl - 11 and a boy - 14). We are getting ready to go on our 1st trip to meet them.

    Best Wishes,

  4. The kids get along really well. They argue like normal kids and hang out and talk sometimes too. Other than reminding the boys to close the door when they are using the restroom (HAHAHA) things arent much different. Of course our daughter is such a daddy's girl and that has been a joy to watch and experience. My husband is an amazing dad but I beleive God has made him an even better dad through parenting a girl. God is so good! School is also going well. We have the most awesome ESOL teacher who loves and cares for our two kids. They have ESOL one period and are mainstreamed the rest of the time but they have really adapted well and the teachers are very accomodating and helpful. It helps that I teach there :) But I beleive they are wonderful with kids are not mine also :)I will be following your blog as well and praying for your journey.